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Get a Head-start on your Home Remodeling Project

By February 15, 2017Expertiers

As you plan for your project to upgrade your home, here are a few tips to take into consideration:

Keep a binder of downloaded, cut and paste Images or photos. It will help you get a head-start when you kick off your project:

By the time we meet, some of our clients will already have ideas regarding the decorative style they would like to implement on their new home renovation or expansion project. When we work with them, we still have the task in our hands to clearly outline and record their options in order to achieve their goals for the final look of their home.

Others request our help to define a style for them exploring, exchanging ideas of what feels close their vision of a spatial configuration. While we have effective ways to complete this task, it is a process that we still have to include into your design schedule.

Either way, it is always helpful for you to have a binder – electronic or hardcopy cut sheets – of images you come across with while browsing the internet, reading magazines or by taking quick photos of objects while visiting stores or friends’ homes.

Houzz.com is also an amazing resource for this task where you can browse thousands of interiors and product images, tag them for future reference or share with your family and friends for an exchange of ideas. These Houzz folders also will help immensely communicate with your future designer or contractor about getting the ideas out helping them understand your expectations and their tasks to realize your concept in mind.

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