Staying Home with your Remodeling/Addition

One of the critical steps for an Owner during a comprehensive remodel or an addition is to decide whether or not stay in your home during the Construction Phase.

  • We will once again emphasize the value of Communication between the Owner and Our Team
    The scope of the work may or may not interfere with the level of continuity you desire to keep during the Construction.

Dust and Debris

Our Construction Sites are Cleaned Meticulously on everyday bases. We also use practical solutions like ZipWalls during the construction that isolate the work areas from the rest of the house. If there is no need to frequently inhabit the renovated area during the construction term, we believe the cleanliness of a construction site while the Owner is living in the House is manageable.

Heating & Air Conditioning

We often utilize HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) management tools (such as the BuildClean Dust Control ) or by separating equipment and ductwork and frequent filter replacements. If needed, we shut down systems around the work area and set up temporary dedicated HVAC systems.


We do not compromise on Safety issues. We will tell you all the areas – if any – we prefer to be assigned as inaccessible during the construction.
Expert tradesmen take maximum measures to secure the structural items, plumbing, HVAC and Electrical lines/panels prior to the start of work.


A critical item to manage in order not to invade the Owner’s privacy and comfort is the access of the construction teams. We often utilize separate entries approved by the Owner for the access of the crews disconnecting the site traffic from the Owners’ Home circulation.

Portable Storage Units

Storage units help organize the construction site more efficiently by storing household items away from the areas of activity. They also protect valuable items against dust and debris.

Our Team objectively outlines all the issues regarding how efficiently the above tools can be utilized based on the extent of the project. We, then, make our recommendation that can help you make the final decision on wheteher or not to temporarily vacate your home.