Scope and Design

Our goal is to understand our client’s spatial, decorative and functional needs and incorporate this information into a final blend of ideas. This makes us stand out from other builders.


We begin the process by meeting with our clients to discuss their goals.  If the client has a design idea in mind, we will provide drawings of the space, which capture that idea.  If the client needs design assistance, we can assist with the design explorations or if there is a request for a more comprehensive design approach we can provide our professional design services as part of the overall project scope.  In either case, our goal is to make the client’s goals a reality.

We pride ourselves on completing projects on schedule and within budget. With our years of experience in building and remodeling, clients can rest assured that their project will be professionally managed and completed.

Cost/Project Budget

Once the design of the project is complete, we can provide our written estimate for the project. It is our practice to provide detailed cost estimates or bids so that our clients know what to expect at each stage in the process. This will allow for proper budgeting of the project.

The estimate provided and accepted by the client becomes our contract price for the project. It is our goal to effectively manage the budget and stay within the price agreed to in the contract. The contract price is paid in installments based upon a timetable set forth in the written contract.

From time to time, projects change, also known as change orders. Change orders may be necessary for the completion of the project, due to an unforeseen or new condition, or resulting from a change or request by the client. We make every effort to provide our clients with as much information as is possible concerning the effects of the change orders to the budget.

We perform diligent surveys of the property prior to the construction kick-off in order to be able to act in time avoiding such unforeseen costs. In some cases, if the issue can only be evaluated after a partial demolition, we recommend carrying contingency budget items so that if the worst case scenario happens to be the reality the client and the contractor are well prepared.

In order to avoid budget restraints, we may also recommend alternative designs or products.

Remember, we are “Your Partners” on the project and we will do all we can to finalize the project with the original budget and the schedule.


Our team includes seasoned professionals in the field of construction and design with experience in all aspects of the high-end residential construction norms and craftsmanship.

We provide the highest quality of construction services, and an open line of communication at every stage of the project. We also focus on working with the best materials.

Our clients are our main priority and we strive our best to meet their expectations. We work hard to give our clients the peace of mind and confidence that they are working with a professional company concerned for their project and best interests.

Referrals are at the heart of our continued success and we strive to earn our client’s recommendation.


Timely completion of the project is at the heart of our services and we strive to meet the timetable set in our written agreement.

We recognize that living in a construction zone is disruptive and challenging. For that reason, project management is essential to the successful completion of the project. We work with our clients to carefully develop a schedule for the project which outlines each phase and provides the client with information on what to expect at every stage.

Recommendations and referrals from past and current clients are valuable achievements for us and we strive to earn them as a cornerstone to our continued business development and expansion.